The Department of Prehistory has a broad spectrum character and a basic approach of Social Archeology.

Chronologically the subject of our research ranges from Human Origins in Africa to the Ethnoarchaeology of modern hunter-gatherer and including the development of Agricultural societies and the Origin of the State in Prehistory.

Geographically we work from Tierra del Fuego to Scotland and with a main focus in the Mediterranean.

Another strength is the development of Auxiliary Sciences of Archeology.

The Laboratory of Palaeoeconomy and Human Paleoecology was created in 1986. Subsequently it grew and became the Archaeological Analysis Service and other laboratories more specialized were created and consolidated research groups were constituted.

The Department has strong links in research and doctoral program with the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology of the Institution Mila i Fontanals of the Spanish National Research Council , with the National Museum of Archaeology of Catalonia and the Museum of History of Barcelona and the Staff of Prehistory in the University of Cantabria.

The Department regularly does field research in Peru, Argentina , Scottland , Near East , East Africa, in addition to the Mediterranean of the Iberian Peninsula .

For foreign students the Prehistoric Archaeology path offers the possibility of a mentoring teaching in English, French or German.

Department of Prehistory :