This Master's degree in Prehistory emphasizes and deepens the theoretical, methodological and practical teaching of knowledge in prehistoric archeology, in the area of ​​research and education developed by the Department of Prehistory

Teaching center: Faculty of Philosophy and Literature

Structure and credits of the specialty: consult the official website of the master's degree here.

Practical notes: Classes take place in the afternoon during the school year. The contents combine theoretical and practical teaching, with methods including archaeological documentation (ceramic materials, lithic materials, etc.). Depending on the student's previous training, specialization coordination may require that they be followed by training complements.

The classes are mainly in Catalan and Spanish prioritizing the language to the understanding of the specific group of each year. Our experience with international students allows us to offer the possibility of mentoring education for foreign students in English, French or German for the prehistoric itinerary.


Name Place Phone numbre e-mail
Rafael Micó Pérez B9-141 93 5868327

The period of access and admission to the official master is open until 2018 September.

Official Master's Degree in Prehistoric Archaeology