STUDY PLAN: Specialization in Prehistoric Archaeology
Research Methodology in Prehistory (42301)


J. Anton Barceló
Ermengol Gassiot

Person in charge: J. Anton Barceló
Behavior: Compulsory
Department of Prehistoria, Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona Semester: 1
Credits ECTS: 9
Types: Academic formation


  • The purpose of this course is to provide students with the fundamentals , methods and techniques to enable them to successfully enter in the field of research in prehistoric archeology . We offer specific classes, both theoretical and practical , on spatial modeling and advanced data analysis . Students will be also introduced into practical examples of prehistoric archeology research , with special emphasis on the areas of work that are developed today in the Dept. of Prehistory of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona , offering participants the possibility of being personally involved in this work and perform


  • Theories, techniques and technology for the advanced analysis of archaeological data, pdf subjects, J. Antón Barceló Álvarez
  • Archaeology and landscape analysis, pdf subjects, Ermengol Gassiot Ballbé
  • Research seminar I: Presentation of research projects and aboratories in the Prehistory Department taught by all teachers of the Department with participation in research
  • Research Workshop II: conferences on topics of research in prehistoric archaeology in charge of guest lecturers from University and research centres renowned international European