The master's degree of "Prehistoric Archeology" is taught from the Department of Prehistory of the UAB. Recall that this university department has a broad spectrum character and an approach basically from the 'Social archeology.

The department's research level is very high and it is developed with great dynamism at the same time that it is interrelated with the training contents of the master's degree. Chronologically, it covers from the research of human origins in Africa to the Ethnoarchaeology of modern hunting-gatherer societies, going through the development of agricultural societies and the origin of the State in Prehistory.

Geographically, the different teams of the department work from Terra del Foc to Scotland, a strong point in the Mediterranean environment. In recent years, research groups carry out archaeological excavations and international research projects in Peru, Argentina, Tanzania, Iraq or Scotland. Regarding the Mediterranean side of the Iberian Peninsula, projects stand out in Murcia and Catalonia. In the latter, research projects are being developed in the Pyrenees and Pre-Pyrenees area, Pla de l'Estany, Central Catalonia and the Ebro lands. These projects and fieldwork offer topics and fields of research to the students of the specialty of Prehistoric Archeology, facilitating their integration into the research dynamics.

The Department of Prehistory has the Archaeological Analysis Service that develops applied research and professional assignments in the field of archeology, both in the field of research as well as in its dissemination and socialization. On the other hand, the department has an important number of other more specialized laboratories and formed from the consolidated research groups.

The Department has links to the research and doctorate program with the Department of Archeology and Anthropology of the Milà i Fontanals institution of the CSIC, with the National Museum of Archeology of Catalonia and with the History of Barcelona, Prehistory area of ​​the University of Cantabria.df

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